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Madeline - Girls Out West

This is one happy girl who loves to smile and why wouldn’t you when you’ve got a killer body like Madeline does.

Home alone on the couch with the heating up full, she slides the straps of her sexy retro dress off and lets her hand glide down her beautifully tanned body to get a good feel of whats inside her pretty pink panties. Madeline’s perfect little boobies get a good old squeeze before she poses in some hot positions and spreads her tight pussy for show on the coffee table. Cera knows all too well how much of a babe she is as they start playing mechanics with some car parts, soon finding that each others parts are far more interesting. Kissing and spreading each other in the lounge room, they really know how to get each others motors going!


On the couch

Mechanics with Cera


  1. larry

    best girl out of all she is the best

  2. Roshan

    she’s got a lovely smile. The best shot is when she’s sitting with knickers exposed

  3. suresh kumar

    10 th photo very beautiful love it.

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