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Georgia - Girls Out West

She has some of the perkiest boobs you will ever see and a pretty tightly trimmed pussy.

Georgia loves hanging out with her favourite girls on set: Roxie & Rosie. When they get together in their swimsuits and pom poms and licking icey poles together, the fun just never stops. Her first root was with her first boyfriend but says the sex sucked 🙁 Luckily Georgia has had some fantastic sex since then and had a wild orgasm with Annie and Rosie in the bathroom, she came all over the floor!

In the clouds

Icey pole with Roxie

Yoga with Roxie and Rosie

Gymnastics with Roxie and Rosie

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  1. WahYa

    I’ve got something to stick in Georgia’s twat, and it aint a friggen dildo !

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