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Feather - Girls Out West

Feather is a natural hippie girl with a furry little pussy and loves being outdoors.

The naughtiest thing that Feather has ever done was wagging school one day with another girl from her class and going back to her house and open mouth kissing with the girl on her bed secretly while her mum was home and she didn’t even know and she never will 😉

She loves being in nature and all of her shoots are of her having a great time out in the country, next to rivers and having wild sex out in the forest. Her last sexual experience was with a dude who’s cock she sucked for so long that he couldn’t take it any more and chucked her down on the grass and made her day with his big cock.

Ball of wool

 Long grass

 On the rocks

Down by the river

Canola fields with Damiana

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