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Evie - Girls Out West

Cute and innocent blonde Evie has specs appeal that is out of this world!

Down at a local Melbourne beach, Evie walks down to the water in her stripy bikini and takes off her top while rolling around in the wet sand before pulling her bikini bottom to the side and squatting to take a hot sexy pee on the sand. The weather wasn’t fantastic for the summer shoot at the bathing boxes but Evie still looked sexy as hell with her long blonde hair blowing in the wind as she stripped down to slide her big pink lubed up dildo into her eagerly awaiting pussy. When she doesn’t have her giant pink dildo at arm’s length, Evie likes to use whatever she can find around the house to get herself off and on this occasion she’s found a big stiff carrot. She slides it inside herself before taking it out to taste her juices all over the hard vegetable and then shoving that sucker back into her tight wet hole.

Beach bikini

Bathing boxes

Carrot dildo

Tea party with Kara

Book worms with Daina


  1. paul

    watching evie pee turned me on pitty she didnt have a plastic potty to do it in, and watching her lick the other girl arse made me cum.

  2. craig

    Watching evie pissing made me cum and I love to woman playing so much fun love it

  3. Rox

    Evie is such a gorgeous woman! She definitely has sex appeal.
    I want to she her in more hetro stuff.

  4. dazz


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