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Dolcie - Girls Out West

Having just turned 18 years old and still has braces on for a few more months, Dolcie is one young cutie! She also just got her drivers license so she’s excited to go for her first drive and her dad has let her take his prized Chevy Bel Air for a spin. But before she burns down the street for the first time, she needs to break this bad boy in in her own special way. Laying back on the leather seats, Dolcie takes off her angelic white dress to reveal some devilish red lace panties which are quickly pulled to the side so she can get some easy access to her beautifully tanned pussy. She has a great time displaying all of her favourite positions that she likes to get fucked in when shes in the backseat her Chevy, we can only imagine the hot and dirty times that will be spent in this sexy classic car.


Chevrolet Bel Air

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  1. Mark Patterson

    love to lick that tight little vagina of hers

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