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Aeryn - Girls Out West

You may have seen Aeryn Walker play one of Craster’s wives in the fourth season of Game Of Thrones but before hitting TV screens around the world, Aeryn showed off her sexy milky skin in these Australian photo shoots. She also had her own website called Naughty Nerdy and appeared live on the internet as she used to do fun, sexy webcam shows with her housemates in their share house! Her first sexual experience was with one of her friends in high school, they were having a sleep over in Aeryn’s bed together and cuddling led to touching and they ended up having a lot of fun together.

Aeryn has some hot lesbian photo sets which you’re sure to enjoy. She has a fun booby show with Angie by the window and a Melbourne cityscape in the background, she fits her entire boob into her mouth!

Slumber party with Angie

Backyard sex



  1. james

    love the video with angela white in Melbourne Russell street flat
    two busty girls together

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