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Adel - Girls Out West

Adel is one sexy brunette with some hot arse tan lines and beautiful round butt.

Her first experience with girls was fingering a friend of hers in the bedroom of her parents at her house, luckily they were away so they never found out! Adel also became a member of the mile high club when she wasn’t wearing any panties on a flight with her boyfriend and they snuck off to the toilet for some exciting plane sex. After she’s had a stressful day at work, she likes nothing more than to go home and have some relaxing fun by herself in bed.

By the window



Wine shop with Miley

Wine shop with Miley (Version 2)

Behind the scenes



  1. Adel Fan

    She needs to put more videos and Pictures up!

  2. Wim

    Adel is beautiful girl..Dear Adel..I love you!

  3. Sajid

    I love you Adel .. Would you like to marry me!

  4. Frank

    Adel can we please go out.

  5. dana parent

    Adel you are a beautiful woman. I love your sexy tan line your pictures are really great.

  6. dana parent

    Adel you are a sexy woman and I love your sexy sexy tan line

  7. Notary

    Adel, You got beautiful small breasts, a gourgeous big ass and a nice cunt. When I look at your pictures my rod becomes rock hard and starts to drip with precum. I shot a huge load of spunk, looking at you in the shower, in honor of you. The cum kept cumming and cumming. Adel I want to shoot more loads for z so keep cumin back to make me cum again over n over till I got no more spunk let…

  8. Milos

    Adela beautiful flower be mine

  9. Ron

    I want u to sleep n my mouth Adele ur so sexy beautiful !!!!

  10. Jim

    Adel- I wish I could bury my face in your hairy pussy…..mmmmmm!!

  11. Jim

    Thank you Adel for sharing your perfectly beautiful physique. I think you are positively the most beautiful woman my eyes have beheld, so perfectly perfect in every way.

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